1. Easy to Install, Remove, Replace and Store Graphics

The biggest benefit of Tension Fabric Displays; graphics are simple and easy to use, and can be installed and removed without any specialist knowledge or tools.
Welt-edge graphics are simply pressed into the slot of the modular frame causing the fabric to tense when all four edges are inserted, creating a seamless, perfectly flat finish. Graphics are then easily removed by teasing the fabric from the frame using the exposed tab on the edge of the graphic.
Storage is straight forward, simply fold up and put away! Making transport and damage to solid panel graphics a thing of the past.

2. Single or Double-sided Display 

Printing companies boasts a super wide range of tension fabric system profiles, with a choice of profiles that are suitable for slimline single sided displays, scalable double sided displays and even three-dimensional structures.

3. Multiple Applications 

Tension Fabric System can be used in a variety of ways, such as:
Freestanding displays, slimline wall-mounted frames, large format exhibition walls, ceiling hung or suspended panels, counters, curved hanging devices and many more besides!

4. Cost-Effective

Putting this simply, it’s the difference in cost between purchasing a new set of Tension Fabric Stands graphics against the purchase of an entirely new display stand. Tension Fabric Stands graphics can also be mailed in small parcels which can be installed by your team onsite, so you can wave goodbye to high courier charges and installation fees.

5. Available as High Impact Light Boxes

Tension Fabric Light Boxes create maximum graphic exposure at exhibitions and events. Printed on to specialist fabric material for use on back-lit light box displays, Tension Fabric light boxes can be used in as many applications as non-lit Tension Fabric System. We also offer profiles capable of achieving three-dimensional structures, shell scheme walls, counters and even product demo podiums.

6. Modular

One of the qualities of using a display system that is built using modular system is the ability to adapt and scale your display based on your requirements. This could be a change in stand space at various events or exhibitions, or as your business grows.
For example, if you make the wise decision to invest into a modular system that you can use multiple times, it doesn’t limit you on a set stand space or visual design, or cost the earth every time you want to make a change, so modular is definitely the best choice for you!
Modular frames can link together, meaning your modular frames can scale up or down with you as you or your available event space requires.
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